Desert Safari Dubai Tour

A desert safari and a visit to a desert camp is probably something that most tourists will do when they are here in Dubai for a few days longer. Because not only the Burj Khalifa is worth a visit, there is also a lot to experience at the gates of Dubai.

There are plenty of providers for such tours, but when it comes to the 6-7 hour tours, there are almost no differences between the organizers - only in terms of price.

So it is quite possible that you can pay 150DHS for one person and 400DSH for another ... with - as I said - completely identical procedures. So it's worth comparing prices. As a tip, I can recommend Desert Safari Dubai Both are cheap in comparison but have exactly the same process as high-priced providers.


Desert Safari Dubai

The start is in the early afternoon. You will be picked up at the hotel and from there it will take about 45 minutes to take the motorway towards Hatta. I came across the place Hatta several times in the run-up to the trip, there is a kind of water-filled slot canyon. Unfortunately - further research has shown - it is now said to be downright degenerate and filthy.

Graffitis on the canyon walls and garbage left lying around line the path of mass tourists. One of the reasons why Hatta became “Hatta nich!” For us when we were planning. Personally, I don't feel like doing that.

Be that as it may, after a good 45 minutes our jeep branches off in the direction of the desert and pauses briefly at the assembly point. Since there are always several jeeps from each organizer on the road at the same time, everyone gathers here first before the actual desert tour. The tire pressure is released to a minimum to avoid the vehicle getting stuck in the sand. Then it starts!

Without much warning, the driver races across the dunes and explains a lot of what to watch out for. Every year the driver's license has to be renewed for this fun.

“He has the best job in the world,” says the driver. He can heat through the dunes like a wild man every day and do what he enjoys. Apparently, nobody has given him jobs in countries with more pleasant temperatures that are also fun.

The desert safari - fun lasts a good 45 minutes (with one or the other short "scenic stop"), in between I get so nauseous that I'm already looking for the vomit bags on my seat. Fortunately, I hadn't really eaten much beforehand, otherwise, it probably wouldn't have turned out so lightly. Despite nausea, the whole thing is a lot of fun.

I wouldn't really need such a driving style for several hours! The guy drives over the crest of a dune at up to 50km / h. That doesn't sound like a lot, but in the situation, it is really not without it!

When I no longer know where we are at all, the journey suddenly ends on an expressway that leads back to Dubai. Until a couple of camels appear out of nowhere in the middle of the highway * wuah * ... Wild horn horns don't do anything, the critters seem to have lost their orientation themselves and are looking for the way back to the city. Or an oasis. Or a camel rally point, I don't know.

Desert Safari Camp

After the short hump stop, it's back to the sand dunes. Again there is a short off-road piece up to a desert camp. Today there is a kind of BBQ with belly dancing, shisha, henna, and all that typical oriental stuff. You can ride camels or heat through the terrain with these funny little beach buggies.

In order to enjoy the oriental culture, you don't necessarily have to travel. A lot can also be implemented at home. Belly dance courses are offered in many cities in German-speaking countries, and you can try body painting with henna. This is available cheaply and you can also use it to dye your hair.

And of course, you can also buy a shisha, for example, to smoke it on the balcony at home. Admittedly, riding a camel will be difficult, but the activities mentioned above will still give you a little holiday feeling, even if it cannot be compared with my experience at the camp.

Drinks in the desert camp are included (excluding alcohol). Nasty is the Bedouin who runs through the camp with a hawk in his arms and asks everyone if they don't want to hold him. If you say YES, you are 10DHS poorer afterward. But out of respect for the poor animal, I would do without it next time.

When I asked why the bird was blindfolded, I got the flat answer “so that it doesn't fly away”. Hmm, maybe someone should quickly tie my hands behind my back - so I don't strike!

 Anyway, the rest of the evening is pretty calm. In Germany one would probably say that the locals do "duty according to regulations" ...

Nevertheless, I think the desert safari and desert camp is a trip that you should definitely do when you are in Dubai. Just because of the off-road fun! And SO often in life, you don't get the opportunity to go on a desert safari.

 For those who want to heat through the desert themselves, there are also one-day courses in deep sand driving, mostly with the same organizers who also offer the desert safaris. The prices are similar, there is always an experienced guide on board who will help you in case of doubt. I dare to doubt whether it will do anything AFTER you get stuck.


At least because of the sunset, you should go out into the desert. You can book your desert safari dubai from the following links.